This year marks our 75th anniversary. Join us in commemorating our past and envisioning our future.

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Celebrating our significant achievements, in context with American culture, since 1939.

1939 Raulin B. Wight founds land surveying firm Wight & Company in Downers Grove.
MGM releases The Wizard of Oz, screening it in two Midwestern towns before its official Hollywood premiere.
After 14 years and with more than 400 workers, the four 60-foot presidential faces of Mount Rushmore are finally completed.1941
After 14 years and with more than 400 workers, the four 60-foot presidential faces of Mount Rushmore are finally completed.
1944-1945 Wight & Company temporarily closes during WWII. Reopens with civil engineering services.
After just 12 months of construction, Disneyland opens with 18 attractions and welcomes more than 28,000 visitors on opening day.1955
After just 12 months of construction, Disneyland opens with 18 attractions and welcomes more than 28,000 visitors on opening day.
1956 Raulin Wight leads team in master planning the Village of Oak Brook.

"Our business is a creative endeavor. Everything we do is a prototype."

1962 Architecture added to services list when Raulin B. “Sonny” Wight joins firm.
On February 9th, 1964, the Beatles make their first American television appearance to 7 million viewers on the Ed Sullivan Show.
U.S. wins the “Moon Race” when Apollo 11 lands, and Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon.
1973 Wight & Company launches Summer Internship Program with Kevin Havens as the first intern.
1977 First job with College of DuPage helps Wight & Company secure foothold in the education market.
The first Star Wars film, directed by George Lucas, is released on May 25th, 1977 and launches a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

"We sell ideas. We build buildings."

Costing millions and requiring the space of an entire room only two decades earlier, IBM revolutionizes home computers by introducing the first PC for $1,565.
1985 Wight & Company hired to stake out new "North-South" tollway, I-355.
1986 Mark Wight joins the family firm, becoming the third generation of leadership.
1986 Environmental Engineering and Materials Testing added to Wight & Company’s services.
Designed to whirl around the earth at 17,500 mph, the Hubble telescope launch marks the most significant advance in astronomy since Galileo's telescope.
1994 Wight & Company pioneers design-build model in education market with Burr Ridge Middle School.
1994 Wight & Company’s integrated delivery business model is established with Laurel Motors BMW expansion.
1999 Wight & Company designs the Bachelors Enlisted Quarters for US Navy, a USGBC LEED pilot project.

"Meeting a client's expectations is not good enough."

Dolly, “the world’s most famous sheep” (named for singer Dolly Parton), becomes the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell.

Shared Stories

Here are some of our favorite memories as described by clients, partners, employees and friends of Wight & Company.

Dear Mark, and Wight & Company Family,

Celebrations of this type are the result of success. Successes of this type are the result of relationships, planning, craftsmanship, service, and timeless results. These have made your family a legacy. Heartfelt thanks for the opportunity and the honor to have worked with you.  Congratulations!

Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D

Congratulations to everyone at Wight & Company on your 75th Anniversary!  A great accomplishment.  Best wishes from all of us at Building Design + Construction.

Robert Cassidy

Wight & Company is a wonderful company to work for. The experience I gained working here has been invaluable to my career as an Interior Designer. I loved the culture and the exciting energy around design and professional development. I value all of the relationships made while working there; the people I worked with definitely made it worth coming to work every day!

Nicole Smith

Years ago, we began planning an education facility with Lois Vitt-Sale as the lead architect on the Wight team. Although we were never able to complete the design and construction of the building due to budget, the learning experience I had with Lois was priceless! She taught me how to look at a project in a sustainable way from the start of the project, not as an after-thought just to meet LEED criteria. She considered wind exposure, daylight, people comfort, and recommended materials that were unique (straw bale, anyone?). Having worked on other projects with architects who have LEED accreditation, I realized that no one can match the approach to sustainable design as Lois does. Congrats on your 75 years, Wight! You have a great team!

Angela Sullivan

Congratulations to Wight & Company on 75 years of business and service. Since 1999, Joliet Township High School District 204 has partnered with Wight & Company to complete a multitude of projects that have allowed us to provide state-of the-art facilities for our students, staff and community. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to quality.

Cheryl McCarthy, Ed.D.

Wight provided clear and concise architectural and engineering professional services for the LEED-certified Evelyn Pease Tyner Interpretive Center in Glenview, IL, helping to make it a place to inspire visitors and server as a model of sustainable development demonstrating the feasibility of energy efficiency, a green roof, and permeable parking.

Amy Ahner

It is my honor to congratulate Wight & Company on 75 years of service. May you have another 75 years of providing the same outstanding service and the resulting success!

Dr. Sandy Doebert

Working with the Wight & Company to build our new headquarters in Munster, Indiana has been a rewarding experience.  The entire team from design to construction has been extremely professional and stayed on top of every detail of the job, bringing it in on time and at budget. We now have a beautiful building that was designed and built to meet our needs.

Donna Van Eekeren

On behalf of thousands of students, parents, and colleagues I want you to know how much I appreciate the tremendous effort you [gave] to a very ambitious project involving the reconstruction of a dozen school facilities.  I have worked with other [architects] that were pretty good, but none have been as proficient and thorough with so many simultaneous projects as you have been …

Phil Schoffstall

The years I spent at Wight were some of the most enriching years of my career.  They promote a culture of honesty and trust that makes each and every employee feel valued and respected.  My fondest memories are of the people, many of whom I still call friend, and all the fun we had working together.

Lorraine Donnell

Wight is one of the few companies today that offer a tremendous attention to detail and a personal and personable touch.  It has always been a true pleasure working with [you].

Lawrence Walsh

Our partnership over the years with Wight & Company has continued to exceed our expectations… [Your] leadership throughout the complexity of the design process… was critical to the successful completion of [our] project.

Paul Knappenberger, Jr.

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